Impress your customers

Impress your customers

To ensure you serve the freshest, tastiest produce - would you consider starting your own kitchen garden in a plot close to your venue? Or converting the lawn of your venue to a produce patch?

Did you know that one teaspoon of soil contains millions of living microorganisms, or it should. The adage - We are what we eat has never been so true.  

Soil health is essential for growing produce. The healthiest, most nutritious, and tasty crops come from healthy soil. That is why we here at Cream Collection support 100% organic farming methods. As we say, the soil that grows our organic cotton also grows your food produce, so best we look after it.

When you do, these are a few things to consider in your planning -

How would this benefit you?

This is one sure-fire way to ensure you give your customers in your restaurant the best seasonal produce - direct from your own garden, your well-balanced, healthy soil will produce great taste and flavour. Plus, your full passion for soil health and sustainability will be on display.

Ensure you are on the right path - 

Healthy soil needs to be a haven for creatures and microorganisms. Ensuring the earth is healthy before planting your crops plays a vital role in the success and flavour of the resulting produce. 

Mulch and why is it important?

One way to improve soil health is to keep the soil well covered. Keeping the soil covered allows the microorganisms to remain healthy. Another way to improve soil health is to keep it as organic as possible. Organic compost and worm life can also contribute here. Have you explored your composting opportunities? The most rewarding way to deal with the plant food scraps generated in your kitchens.

Watering and why is it so important?

Plan for a watering system - especially during our warmer months. It is simple. Healthy crops come from healthy soil; healthy soil can retain more water. The amount of water the soil can store is linked to the level of organic matter it contains. This is a link that must not be broken - getting the balance just right is vital.

Crop rotation - why is it important?

Another way to maintain a healthy soil structure and avoid erosion is by rotating crops yearly. Keep living crops in the ground as long as possible before they go bad.

Why does soil health matter so much?

Healthy soils are essential for healthy plant growth, food production for human nutrition, and ecosystem services such as clean water and air. Healthy soil helps to regulate the Earth’s climate and stores more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined. 

Did you know?

One way to support the hospitality industry is by not depleting the health of the soil.m By supporting organic cotton farming, Cream Collection Pro supports organic farming methods. Using organic cotton means that no fertilisers are used in the growth production, and therefore, the reduction of potential soil damage is stopped.

In conclusion, by selecting a patch where you can grow your own produce for your kitchen and by composting your kitchen plant scraps, you too can grow amazing food produce to serve to customers and truly impress them. 

Happy growing legends!

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