Leading Sustainable Chef - Troy Crisante.

Leading Sustainable Chef - Troy Crisante.

He’s the Head Chef at Quay restaurant in Sydney. He’s been winning awards for fine dining for years, he is an absolute legend, and this is his most sustainable tip for chefs:

What sustainable tips have you learned that you can share with other chefs?

“SLEEP! This is still something that I'm still personally working on. As chefs, we often finish late and wake early for work the next morning. It is super important to get as much sleep as you can to aid with your physical and mental wellbeing. No one wants a tired and grumpy chef!”

Who first inspired you to cook?

“To be honest, it was chefs like Jamie Oliver. Coming home from school and watching cooking shows on TV was a favourite pastime. It also helped that my mum was super supportive and helped me cook recipes I saw. “

Do you have a favourite cookbook? What is it?

“ ‘The Whole Beast’ - nose to tail eating, by Fergus Henderson. Absolute classic. Every young chef should have a copy. The respect and value that Fergus puts on parts of an animal that others see as "secondary" is incredible. The world would be in a better place if more chefs thought and acted in this way!”

What is your favourite "go to" when cooking at home?

“Fresh egg pasta, Italian sausage, and parmesan. My family makes our salami and sausages throughout winter, so I always have a stash of freshly made pork sausages in the fridge. I take the meat from the casings, fry it off with chili and garlic and mix through some freshly made pasta. I can't beat it!”

If you could travel to one place – anywhere in the world right now, where would you go, and what would you do there?

“To be honest, it would be a tropical island, maybe the Maldives. Drink cocktails by the ocean, snorkel, and eat fresh seafood every meal!”

Oh Troy, we wish you many hours of quality sleep, happy travels to the Maldives and a truly successful career, thank you for being such a legend.

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